« Interact for positive change », the notorious motto of the Maharitra NGO , in its very sense, stipulates the needs for […]




About Us

Created in 2015, MAHARITRA or “SUSTAINABLE” in English, is a Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to addressing climate change issues in a sustainable manner by helping vulnerable Malagasy people to get access to sustainable development through mitigation and adaptation actions towards Climate Change.

Recognized by the State with the approval n °: 284/2015 – BIM / ONG / REGAN on April 17, 2015 with the registration number: 447/2015 – IM / ONG / REGAN. Its headquarter is in Lot II E 93 C Tsarahonenana, Antananarivo but it works everywhere in Madagascar depending on the activities in relation to the degree of vulnerability of the target areas.

The main objective of Maharitra NGO is to strengthen the resilience, mitigation and adaptation capacity of vulnerable Malagasy people to the adverse effects of Climate Change for sustainable development.

Specifically, MAHARITRA NGO aims to : (i) promote technology transfer and facilitate the access to information for climate change education with reference to Education for Sustainable Development; (ii) ensure a sustainable environment by protecting, preserving and restoring biodiversity; (iii) reduce the vulnerability of the agricultural sector to climate change effects by promoting a climate smart agriculture resilient and adapted to Climate Change; (iv) promote any program and action related to sustainable consumption of energy and production and use of renewable energy.

Acting within the framework of sustainable development, our goals are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Climate Change is always seen as a disaster, a terrible phenomenon affecting environment and biodiversity, human’s life … On the whole, Climate Change has a negative connotation.  Maharitra NGO is seeking to make Climate Change a Positive Change: Paradigm Shift. We can make it if we interact or fight together against CC for the same goal that is sustainable development. That is the reason of its mission statement “Interact for Positive Change“. In this sense, Maharitra NGO develops and applies an interactive approach that consists of integrating all actors involved in the adaptation or mitigation actions taken.

MAHARITRA NGO adheres to the key themes in the fight against Climate Change: Mitigation and Adaptation. Also, it focuses its activities on AGRICULTURE, BIODIVERSITY, ENERGY, all based on EDUCATION. Why this stress on Education? Because people’s lack of knowledge on how to address Climate Change increases the vulnerability to the phenomenon.